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    What is financial planning and

    how important it is

  • Any business must have a financial plan to develop in order to have the chance of success. This development is essential in order to map out the financial future. The financial management can determine the cash flow of the business. It will illustrate what is in the current activities status, resources, and equipment requirement to achieve the business objectives


    How important the financial planning in the business?


    The activities which involve financial planning for some purpose, to assess the business environment and to confirm the business vision and objectives. In order to achieve the business objectives management necessary to identify what types of resources. It is also important to have financial planning for the quantity of the amount resource such that labor, equipment, and materials and to calculate the total cost of each type of resources. Summarize the cost for the budget and identify any risks and issues.


  • The financial planning process?

    Some financial planners that are specifically certified financial planners they provide at least six steps when creating and implementing financial plans for the clients.



    Establish the goad/relationship


    The financial planning process explains to the client or prospective client. An open-ended question will arise to uncover anything and everything from immediate financial goal.

    Gather the relevant data


    To reach the business goals it must gather the information required to make recommendations for the appropriate strategies and financial products.

    Analyse the data

    WHen the relevant data is gathered, then you analyze and understand financial statements to determine how well your business is performing in order to run your own business.

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    Develop a plan

    Discover where your money goes now. You must set your business financial goals and prepare for the unexpected with insurance.


    Implement the plan

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    Monitor the plan


    You may decide to avoid financial risks caused by low sales. The current financial flow must monitor to determine if there are loss and gain. And to control any financial risk.


    Set some financial goals. Short term goals, medium-term goals. Long term goals. Evaluation and perform an action according to the financial plan, track the progress and adjust goal if necessary.

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